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We thank Marc Murray, Director of Music at Bury Parish Church, for his interesting and innovative programme of events during his term as President of the Association for the 2018-2019 Season.  We are pleased to announce that Marc has now agreed to take on the role of Secretary.

Derek Sharples, Organist at Albion URC, Ashton-under-Lyne, was installed as President at the Annual General Meeting in May.

Kevin Drury has agreed to be President-Elect (President for the 2020-2021 Season).

Ken Fayle remains Treasurer, with the additional role of Data Protection Officer, while George Housley remains as Membership Secretary.


The committee met on Tuesday 9th July to discuss the syllabus for 2019-2020.  Further details will be posted here when dates and venues are confirmed and finalised.  The Royal Bank of Scotland no longer caters for small charitable institutions such as ours.  We are therefore moving our account to the Clydesdale-Yorkshire group.  For those who pay their subscriptions by bankers order, George will be sending out full details with the membership renewal forms shortly.


Confirmation of the syllabus arrangements will be updated on this website regularly and also in the regular newsletters to members.

Syllabus 2019 - 2020:

We regret to record the passing of one our longest serving members, Ruth Gee, who died on Saturday 13th July, aged 92.  Having had a fall at home last year and a stroke at the beginning of this year, she spent her last months in a care home in Withington.  Ruth and her late husband Ron were strong supporters of the Association and long-term members of St Ann's in Manchester city centre.  Ruth herself was organist at Birtle church near Bury until retirement from teaching and was also secretary to the Manchester Area committee for the Royal School of Church Music, first under the chairmanship of Canon Bill Barlow, and later Ronald Frost.  She also organised the RSCM Chorister Awards examinations, all with great efficiency.  Since the death of Ron Gee two years ago, Ruth had not been able to attend meetings of the Association.  As neither Ruth nor Ron had any immediate family, it was good that at least four members joined neighbours and members of St Ann's church at Ruth's funeral 31st July.   


Meeting details finalised so far are:

Monday 19th August at 5.00 pm.   Manchester Town Hall

Following on a meeting by the President, Secretary and myself with members of the Town Hall restoration group, members were invited to hear the present state of the organ before its removal to storage during the total refurbishment of this magnificant building.  Tenders will be sought imminently for the removal of the organ to safe storage, and at a later stage for the organ's complete restoration to the state in which Cavaille-Coll left it in 1893.  A very good number of our members, plus some from the Bolton Association, were welcomed by Richard Lowe, as organ curator, who gave a brief talk about the proposals, and demonstrated the instrument for us.  Several members then availed themselves of the opportunity to play the organ, which despite its current state, with many areas out of action, still makes an impressive and authentically French sound.  Thanks are due to Richard and the Town Hall authorities.


Saturday 21st September at 5.00 pm  Albion URC, Ashton-under Lyne  OL6 6QQ

Our usual start to the season with a composite recital.


Saturday 12th October at 2.30 pm  St Ann's Sale  M33 3GD  (Church Road West)

An opportunity to play the two manual Harrison & Harrison organ of 1889.  

The parish is currently seekin a new Organist & Choir Leader.  If interested, contact the Revd. Canon Alison Cox on 0161 973 4145 for further details.


Saturday 30th November (Venue & time to be confirmed)

"The Reluctant Organist" or "From Piano to Organ"   More details to follow but please alert those who might find this afternoon course helpful 


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